Residential Cabinetry

Kitchen Cabinets,
Bathroom Vanities or Bookcases

Any style you admire… any idea you’ve had… any room you’ve seen… These can almost always be re-designed for your space and budget. My woodshop tailors to perfection. We build home office systems, heirloom chests, gun cases, china closets, three-sided corner cabinets and almost anything you can imagine. I can create a richly-paneled formal area or convert an extra bedroom into a library and media center.

closets-tiltStorage Solutions

Having problems with shelving or storage in your closet, utility room, or garage? We can help by designing cabinets to fit even the tightest spaces and keep things well organized.

Secret Compartments

Are you intrigued by sliding panels and secret compartments? We can design a hidden tray known only to you where your favorite treasures may be tucked away. Every client receives full benefit of the skills and imagination of my woodshop.




Living Areas