Lonnie’s History


Custom Wood Work Since 1974

My father Ray Baxter was one of a family of skilled Irish stonecutters. Early on, he instilled in his sons a strong work ethic and an appreciation of detailed, precise work. At four I followed my uncle Ollie Benson to carpentry jobs. There I was stationed in a corner to nail wooden blocks together with dogged persistence.

Attention to detail and quality rarely equalled…

My father and uncle taught me every aspect of home building with an attention to detail and quality that was rarely equalled even in those “good old days” of hand-craftmanship. Many of these skills had been passed from my grandfather, and over time I became a third-generation stone mason. For almost thirty years I worked with my brothers cutting and facing stone for foundations, chimneys, and fireplace profiles. As a principal in a general contracting business for eleven of those years, I added trim and frame carpentry to my list of proficiencies.


Handcrafted beauty in everyday life…

During the last two and a half decades, I have focused my skills on a growing passion for designs in wood. My custom-designed work brings handcrafted beauty to your everyday life. Crafting pieces like these to harmonize with the people and architecture around them brings a family tradition of quality, hand-built work full circle.