Hi, I’m Lonnie Baxter.  Since 1974 I’ve served Murfreesboro — first with a family-owned construction firm and later with custom designs for wood furniture and cabinets.

My one-of-a-kind designs bring handcrafted beauty into everyday life. As you browse through my photos, you’ll notice my work spans a variety of styles and needs. No project is too small for my attention.  Yet, of all I am capable of, I most enjoy helping someone achieve his dream project. I listen and take care even of the smallest details. Then, when my client tells me the finished project is “just what I wanted” — that satisfaction can’t be measured.

I work with traditional materials like oak, pine, walnut and mahogany; and I use traditional values like patience, accuracy, efficiency and honesty. These values have served my family’s customers well over three generations.


Painting Oak Cabinets

Painting cabinets and then glazing with a different color is a current trend. Oak cabinets makes this difficult, because oak wood is very porous. Problem solved! — With a new technique that seals the oak and then allows painting like any other wood cabinet.


As Published in…

My frame and door jig speeds production and accuracy. No need to use a square or corner-to-corner measuring for squaring and gluing cabinet frames and doors. Published in Shop Notes magazine, September 1993.


Pancreatic Cancer Survivor

Through the unmerited grace of God, I have survived two instances of pancreatic cancer. Now I celebrate cancer-free living with my family and continue to enjoy my work everyday.